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Author: Anne Marie Rehnert
Ms. Rehnert has lived with Judy Lee Roy and company since she was fourteen, developing the adventures in stories she told to her brothers and sisters and later for her children. She is now more than happy to share their many escapades.
WITCHWORKS, Starting Out


Judy Lee Roy was looking forward to a nice, relaxing summer. One more year of college and she would have to get a career and live in a totally adult world. The simple request put to her by a close friend was supposed to give her something to occupy her time, just for the summer. Little did she know that she was about to become immersed in a world of fear, a world populated with demons and tragedies, and an entity so relentlessly evil and vindictive that it would affect her life for years to come. The adventure starts in her hometown, and reaches out to the four corners of the world.

WITCHWORKS, Starting Out is a spine-tingling adventure.

WITCHWORKS, Perilous Journeys
Judy Lee Roy and her handsome trio of young me , Chad, Port and Burke continue the adventure as they confront the witch, Justine Rancon, is the second book in the Withworks series.
A Tradition in Story Telling
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