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"A Tradition in Storytelling"

Author and Book Information

Betty Shi was born in  China in 1963. She came to the United States in 1988 to  attend Kansas State University. She  received her M.S.  degree in Biochemistry in 1991 and is now presently  working as a molecular biologist in Hoffmann-La Roche.  She has accomplished four novels including  "Yesterday", "Every  Breath You Take",  "Imagine" (mainstream/science fantasy),  "Sacrifice" (Adventure/martial arts) and a  Self-help book "Spiritual Empowerment -- The Light  For The Next  Century". She is a free-lance author  for magazines such as Colors, and Prose and Poet Tastery.  She is now working on her new novel "Sometimes When  We Touch" and is co-authoring the second book  from  the "Spiritual Empowerment" series, "The  Sense Of Five Elements".

Publication in USA

1)  "Yesterday" (mainstream), July 1997 by  Commonwealth Publication.
2)  "Strawberry Fields Forever", Prose and Poet  Tastery, 1(3): 46-60, 1998.
3) "The Bird Can't Sing", Prose and Poet  Tastery, 1(2): 43-45,1998.
4) "Raindrops In Dreams", Prose and Poet  Tastery, 1(1), 1998.
5) "Different Types Of Chinese Girls", Colors,  6(2): 24-25, 1997.
6) "Search For George Marshall", Colors, 5(2):  12-15, 1996.
7) "Customs Experience", AIM magazine, the  Winter 95-96 issue: p45-46.
8) "Blossoming Spirit", Tracing Shadow (the   National Library of Poetry Collection),1997;  Editor's Choice Award.
9) "Meteors", Tomorrow's Dream (the National  Library of Poetry Collection), p524,1996;  Editor's Choice Award.

YESTERDAY - Love Transcends All
Anna Chen leaves her home in China  to come to the United States to attend college.The first time she goes  to church, she meets Greg  Miller,a tough southern boy, and together  they start to taste the fruits of forbidden love.

Despite their  different backgrounds, her guilt of abroken engagement, the  Chen family curse, the shadow of a  burning Ku Klux  Klan cross, and the terror of the Chinese Mafia, their passion  blazes.  From the cry of Tiananmen Square to the sigh of  Little Apple, Kansas, they learn how to love.

"YESTERDAY  is a deeply moving, beautifully told story that will  linger in your  mind long after the last word is  read," says Elaine Barbieri, best-selling author  of  "Eagle" and the "Dangerous  Virtues" trilogy.

"Once you  open YESTERDAY, you won't be  able to put it down. It is  spellbinding, filled with wit and wisdom, kindness and  compassion and joy and sorrow, with characters so real  you feel you've known them all your life. A must  read!" claims  Susan Christopher, Publisher,  Integrity Press, Inc., author of "Do What You Want,  But don't Lose Your Head."

A Tradition in Story Telling
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