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"A Tradition in Storytelling"

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Beverley Dubelle has served  as teacher, therapist, counselor, foster child advocate,  pedagogical consultant, French-English translator,  pianist, editor, traveler, community volunteer,  wife and  mother. From these roles she has developed a keen insight  into human condition. Born in Montreal, Canada, Beverley  spent the first 48 years of her life as a staunch  supporter of Canadian federalism  and unity. To survive  the seemingly endless attempts by certain factions to  dissolve that unity, she has had to nurture a strong  sense of humor in order to cope with the heart-wrenching  experience of it all.  Working with teenagers and young  adults, especially in motherhood and teaching, has  likewise added to the humor she finds in living. Beverley  has two sons, Christopher and Mark, and an adopted  daughter,  Danielle. As a student of Latin, she won the  Governor General's Medal and used the accompanying  scholarship to attend St. Joseph Teachers' College. She  completed her BA at the Thomas More Institute in   Montreal. Many of her studies, especially those in piano  and teacher in-service courses, required her to utilize  her fluency in the French language. Her MA in  psychotherapy and counseling is from the Adler  Institute  in Chicago. Beverley married an American, and  subsequently left her beloved country to migrate south,  first to Pennsylvania and then to Virginia where she has  lived for the past five years. Mastery  of the southern  language, customs and climate are her current passions.

THIS DUMPSTER LEAKS; Falling in  Love With the South
Beverley  Dubelle has an uncanny knack for taking something  seemingly unnoticed or nondescript and finding  interesting aspects about it. In writing this book, she  took seemingly ho-hum personal experiences,  breathed life into them and wrote them for others to  enjoy. The vignettes that appear herein are but brief  encounters in the course of daily living that provide  snapshots of life which the author pastes into an album  called This DumpsterLeaks:Falling in Love with the  South.

Some of the stories  are funny; others are sad. One poignant example deals  with the death of a favorite hummingbird and is entitled  "Where Do  Hummers Go?" A few of the vignettes  may provoke a touch of anger while others will provide  food for thought.

A Tradition in Story Telling
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