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Author: Bill Yancey
Bill Yancey had the privilege of being the son of an air force officer and the grandson of an army officer. As a result, he lived all over the world, but never really grew up. He attended four high schools, a prep school, and five colleges. After bouncing out of an engineering curriculum, and spending time in Vietnam as a result, he finally obtained an undergraduate degree in general science from Virginia Tech in 1971. The Medical College of Virginia (not the Va. Commonwealth University School of Medicine) still regrets giving him an M.D. degree in 1976. He writes for his own entertainment, and hopes you see the humor in it, too.

Book: Elvis Saves

Michael Lomax is the marketing director for a large entertainment corporation, Traywick-Danzro Productions. As the result of his advice, the corporation is losing money. He convinced the board of directors to diversify its entertainment portfolio and buy Graceland from the Presley family. Since the acquisition of the property, interest in Elvis Presley has waned. The number of tourists has dropped precipitously. To save his job, Lomax concocts a plan to heighten interest in Elvis and to increase the number of tourists. A bolt of lightning hits the mansion. Shortly thereafter, Elvis sightings are reported all over the country. Unfortunately for Lomax, the man he hired to impersonate the reincarnated King of Rock and Roll disappears. Also missing is the body of the late rock star. Either the impersonator or a psychiatrist, who planted the memories in some of the Elvis fans, can destroy the illusion of Presley's return from the dead and put Lomax in jail. Lomax wants both men eliminated.

(UNSUBDUED). A twist of fate brings a surprise ending in this second fascinating novel by Bill Yancey. It’s M*A*S*H meets student health. Spencer Dodd is a doctor of student health at an university tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains of southwestern Virginia. He has a new supervisor. In Dodd’s opinion, Neal Abramowicz is a pathological liar interested mostly in securing his next promotion. Abramowicz is not one to let the practice of good medicine get in the way of political correctness.When the battle lines are drawn between Dodd and his supervisor, Dodd suffers. Dodd has two allies: Cody Cray is a computer science major who lives in the attic of the student health center and the other, Beebee, is a raven. When the son of a prominent school supporter nearly dies from alcohol withdrawal, Dodd is blamed. This event brings to light the conflict raging in the Student Health Department. Coincidentally, a practical joke by Dodd goes awry.
A Tradition in Story Telling
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