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Book and Author Information
Author: Charlie Hudson
Shades of Murder is the second novel for Charlie Hudson who is a retired military officer. She and her husband, Col. Hugh Hudson currently reside in Alexandria, Virginia. They are both avid scuba divers. Ms. Hudson works part time for a major Army Head Quarters as a logistics analyst.

While I fictionalized a number of places in Shades of Murder, I want to thank Diver's Alert Network (DAN) for their technical information and for allowing me to use their name in the clear. DAN, as explained in the book, is a valuable organization that provides great support to the diving world. My thanks also to the Nags Head, N.C. Police Department, particularly Sergeant Kevin Brinkley and Earl Murray, for their time and technical assistance.

About the Book:
Plunge into SHADES OF MURDER and meet a cast of characters who will keep you turning the pages. Bev Henderson is a second generation cop and the first female detective in the history of the Verde Key Police Department. She's smart and competitive and won't let something like a lack of evidence dissuade her when she runs into what may be a well planned murder instead of an accident. Detective Jim Osborn and Police Chief Taylor are good men who started as rookies with Bev's father. They admire her abilities, chuckle when she takes herself too seriously and occasionally have trouble remembering that she's no longer the little girl they watched grow up. In the beautiful underwater world along the shore, divers find the pictures painted in SHADES OF MURDER.

A Tradition in Story Telling
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