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"A Tradition in Storytelling"

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THE YOUNGER is H. A. Maxson's fifth book, and his first novel. Three  collections of poems have appeared since 1976--Turning  the Wood, Walker in the Storm and The  Curly  Poems. A fourth collection is due out in 2000 from  Weeks and Osborne Publishing. On the Sonnets of  Robert Frost, the first ever critical evaluation of  Frost's 37 sonnets, was published by  McFarland & Co.  in 1997. Over 500 poems, stories, essays, reviews and  interviews have appeared in magazines and anthologies.  Maxson wrote the North of Boston entry for Magill's  Masterplots , 20th  Anniversary Revised Edition. He  has also contributed to other Magill publications. For 25  years he has taught at the college and high school level,  currently at North Carolina Wesleyan College. The father  of  a daughter, he lives with his wife, Maureen, a home  health nurse, in Wendell, NC. He hopes this book will  alert people to the dangerous practices humans engage in  concerning sea mammals.

Griot, the  Keeper of the Legacy of all Dolphin-kind--the myth,  legend, law and history--summons the best young minds to  a gathering to choose his successor and maintain an  eons-old  tradition. But as they begin to arrive, so does  a disease that will destroy half of the in-shore bottle  nose population and threaten the very foundation of this  intricate and ancient culture.

Can  the  Keeper entrust the entire history of the species to  one of those who remain?

Can they find a way to ensure that one  remains to receive Griot's treasure ... to become The Younger.

A Tradition in Story Telling
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