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The  author is a retired U.S. Navy Commander who served his  first shipboard tour in an icebreaker deployed to the  Antarctica. Although his  recently released novel, THE  ICE BREAKER INCIDENT, is fictional, the author's  first-hand knowledge of life aboard a Navy icebreaker  serves to add credibility to this account.

 This is the author's  second published novel. His third, I AM THE  WIND,  a fictional, inspirational account based on the death of  his 17-year-old daughter, is scheduled to be released in  October 1999.

 See author's other  soon-to-be-released books:

I  AM THE WIND --  October 1999.

THE  SWALLOWS KNOW -- January 2000.


As  the U.S. Navy icebreaker, Polarwind, rams through the  frozen Antarctica, relations between some of the ship's  junior officers and the  domineering captain soon become  as chilly as the air around them. The tension finally  comes to a head when in a few blurred, flashing seconds  the commanding officer disappears into the icy waters and  the  icebreaker's First Lieutenant, Bob Stevens, is  accused of pushing him overboard.

Navy JAG lawyer Andrew Jackson  Burke must use all of his technical skills and southern  wiles in an attempt to attain acquittal, as  even the  confused and frightened lieutenant is uncertain whether  he pushed the captain or tried to save him.

The author  retired from the U.S. Navy after a twenty-three-year  career during which he served in  a variety of ships,  although none were as unique as his duty aboard an  icebreaker while deployed near the South Pole.


NOTE: THE  ICE BREAKER INCIDENT was recently nominated by  the Library of Virginia Center for the Book for the  Library of Virginia 2000 Fiction Award

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