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I  AM THE WINDis the  author's third published book. In 1990 he lost his   17-year-old daughter in an automobile accident.This  inspirational work is a fictional account based upon his  attempt to deal with that tragic event.

A retired U.S. Navy  Commander, the author has previously  published two  Navy-related novels: THE DESTROYER in  1997 and THE ICE BREAKER INCIDENT in June 1999.

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THE  SWALLOWS KNOW -- January 2000.

I AM THE WIND -- (Available October  1999)
Lara Alicia Masterson is killed in  an automobile accident at age seventeen. But is she  really gone or does she continue to exist  somewhere in another dimension or different state of  being? Her father is nearly devastated by his daughter's  tragic death, his agony exacerbated by the fact that his  and Lara's relationship had not been on the best of terms  recently. He grieves more now because he thinks there  will never be a chance for reconciliation. Lara disagrees  and seeks to find some way to communicate with her father  to help him deal with his sorrow.

This beautifully inspiring story  will provide solace to anyone having lost a loved one,  and particularly to a parent who has suffered the tragic  loss of a child. It presents a thought-provoking account  of  how things might be and provides a means of  dealing with death from a perspective of joy rather than  sadness.

Since the  feelings expressed herein are based on the actual loss of  the author's  daughter in an automobile accident, the  revealed emotions are genuine, as could only be related  by one who has experienced them. Regardless of one's  beliefs regarding an afterlife, readers will share this   father's agony and then his feelings of joy and peace as  he eventually finds a way to reconcile with his departed  daughter.


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Also to be released as a
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