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The  author is a retired U.S. Navy Commander who served  several shipboard  tours in cruisers and destroyers. THE SWALLOWS  KNOW,  his fourth book, is a warm and touching  love story portraying exacting character tests of a few  of the officers and the women who support them whose  lives happen to intertwine while assigned to a navy   cruiser homeported in San Diego, California.

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I  AM THE WIND --  October 1999.

THE SWALLOWS  KNOW --  (Release Date - January 2000)

Nothing is as it appears. Do not assume that anything you see or hear about me is how  I really am. Everything is an illusion. The beautiful  and mysterious Sylvia Reynolds discloses this startling  revelation to Earl Harris during their first clandestine  rendezvous at the quaint and romantic Capistrano Inn,  located near the famous mission at San Juan Capistrano.

As soon as Lieutenant  Commander Earl Harris meets the stunning Sylvia Reynolds,  wife (or is she?) of a junior officer attached to his  ship, he realizes he should walk away. But just as the  swallows are  drawn back to Capistrano, he finds himself  inexorably drawn toward this extraordinary woman who  seems to seek his friendship -- or something more.

Earl's superior  officers warn him to avoid this relationship,  but by then  it is already too late. Fraternizing with another man's  wife is contrary to his every principle, yet he finds it  impossible to stop the development of this passionate,  yet cataclysmic liaison.

 Paradoxical  clues soon begin to appear leading Earl to question the  unusual relationship between Sylvia and her handsome,  popular husband, Lieutenant Jerry Reynolds. Earl must  keep reminding himself that nothing is as it appears, while trying to determine the horrible secrets that  control this strange union. Unfortunately, by the time he  discovers the true nature of the relationships, Earl has  become caught up in a complex web from which he can see  no means of escape. Faced with a choice of destroying the  careers and lives of two men or risking his own career  and loss of the woman he loves, he must take drastic  steps.


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