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"A Tradition in Storytelling"

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G. Raymond Humphries
Ray Humphries graduated from the University of Alabama when both the development of computers and the nation's space programs were in their infancy. Throughout his career as a developer of information systems he has applied state-of-the-art data processing technology to ever more challenging national programs. An avid saltwater fisherman since his youth, Ray also became "hooked" on NASCAR racing while managing his company's facilities in Huntsville, AL. Retired in North Carolina, Ray pursues his writing career between races and fishing trips.

Col. Aleksei Asimov knew that the bomb missing from Kzyl-Orda wasn't lost or strayed. It had been stolen. He knew where it was headed -- the Chinese launch complex at Jiuquan. He knew who had taken it -- militant Islamic fundamentalists intent on final victory in their Holy Jihad against the "Great Satan". And he knew its mission. One ten megaton bomb, 384 kilometers above Kansas City and the electromotive force, the EMF, would wipe out everything. The U.S. would be reduced to the societal equivalent of a mindless maniac. Not so bad an end one might think, for the old enemy. But the new Russia needed a vital and friendly America to help recover from the economic ravages of centuries of despotic leadership. Aleksei had to persuade his superiors to tell the Americans, and together they had to stop the launch. But they didn't...



A Tradition in Story Telling
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