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Author: Richard D. Taylor
Richard Taylor was born and raised in Northern Indiana. He now has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Indiana University, but a few days after he turned sixteen, the principal in the school he was attending asked him to pack up and leave. He joined the Army while he was still sixteen, served three years in Korea and Japan, and then returned to school shortly after his discharge. Several years later, while drifting through Phoenix, he was robbed in an alley behind a bar. Ironically, two weeks after the robbery, he met one of the men who robbed him ¾ a seventy year old man who had just been released from Arizona State Prison after doing forty years for armed robbery and murder. The old man bought Richard a beer and they talked. Richard wrote A RIGHTEOUS VERDICT bases, however loosely, on the story the old man told him.

About the Book:
This historical crime novel isn't the familiar story of an innocent man being railroaded through a prejudice nineteenth century court system. Set in 1888, it's the story of a guilty man caught up in the legal system of the time, but ironically with a deep inner need to be found guilty in order to escape God's wrath. Elmer Hatt, a petty thief drifting through South Bend, Indiana isn't a violent man by any man's reckoning, but the split second it took to pull the trigger was all the time needed to change his carefree life to one of tragedy.

A Tradition in Story Telling
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