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"A Tradition in Storytelling"

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800  Years Before Yesterday is the second children's novel for  the author who lives with his family in South Easton, MA  and yearns  for a teaching job.  Otherwise, he can  still be seen, on occasion, in the courtrooms of  Massachusetts, where to his dismay and amazement, he  continues to practice law. 


Allison,  a willowy, eleven year old girl has found herself  standing barefoot in a dark and foreboding forest eight  hundred years and goodness  knows how many miles from the  comfort of her Fairfield, Connecticut home. Charob, the  evil sorceress of the dark forest, kidnapped the Princess  of Camdor many years before.  Now, four mysterious  knights  have kidnapped Allison and she has become part  of  their quest to present the bewildered girl as  the lost princess and to be welcomed as heroes by the  people of the Kingdom of Camdor.  Allison, who  had  planned to be sailing with her father on Long Island  Sound that day, was confused.  Only wanting these  strangers to send her home,  she was scared and  frightened.  If only, the night  before, she had not  captured those four beetles by the stone wall in her  backyard and not kept them in a Tupperware container on  the dining room table.  Little did she know of the  dangerous adventure  that was about to happen.  Would  she ever see the little house in Fairfield or her mother  again?

Illustrated  by 
Jennifer Fidler  

A Tradition in Story Telling
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