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"A Tradition in Storytelling"

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Robert C.  Nienkemper in real life is a senior analyst with the U.S.  Department of Defense, living in the Washington, D.C.,  metropolitan area.  He's married with a loving   family.  When not writing, he pilots small aircraft,  paints oil and watercolor landscapes, finger picks on his  Martin D-19 guitar, and sails on the Chesapeake Bay out  of the Naval Academy at Annapolis. When  he's not  tinkering with a classic car,  he might be found  duffing around with golf. In up coming novels, the reader  will find Prich Hale cleverly in pursuit of villains in  FATAL GENES and FATAL  EQUITY. 

Our nation's capitol reeks with  the kingpins of politics and greasers of the corrupt  system, but they could all take lessons from the  new  clients that Prich is asked to help. Rogers & Emory  Development Company is a family-run computer game  software enterprise which plays a real life game of  financial intrigue wrapped within the enigma  of murder  and incest. Prich walks a tightrope as his father wishes  to drop the inquiry while others are killing for fun and  profit. Prich does a juggling act with his father, the  dysfunctional family  clients, a cop who is a good friend,  and his sometime girl friend who is always justifiably  suspicious and consistently jealous. 

Prichard Hale,  a  Washington, DC Metro "wanna-be" attorney, works  for his father's prestigious law firm, Hale &  Son.  His primary purpose in life is to cut off any  official investigation before even a  whisper of scandal.  He needs to keep those wagging tongues in their places.  One minute someone might be at the top of everyone's  invitation list, and the next, the source of everyone's  chuckles.   Political careers rise and fall on the  playing field within the Beltway.  When whispers  turn to murder, Prich Hale finds himself playing FATAL  GAMES.

FATAL GAMES has been nominated as BEST FICTION of  1998 by  The Library of Virginia.  From hundreds of entries  by Virginia authors, FATAL GAMES is one of the final four  nominees.  Awards will be presented by The Library  of Virginia on September 18,  1999, 6:00 P.M. at a  ceremony in Richmond.  This prestigious recognition  of Nienkemper's main character, Prichard Hale, comes in  time to herald his newest adventure in FATAL GENES which  will be released  by Briarwood Publications, Incorporated  in March, 1999.
"Prichard Hale  is quite an original sleuth who undergoes a  transformation  when there is an important job to  do...Readers will enjoy the quirky internal dialogue and  presentation of this unlikely hero as he narrates this  tale with rich descriptive, often paradoxical  passages...With  his meticulous probing of the situation  and persistence in what turns out to be more than one  murder, Prich solves the case in a most surprising  way." 
The Gothic Journal 


nominated as 
by The Library of Virginia

A Tradition in Story Telling
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