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"A Tradition in Storytelling"

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Ruth Belinsky
Ruth Belinsky is a wife, mother and grandmother who believes what matters is the love we share and that we truly care.

We Are a Family
This book is dedicated to the children of the world.

To teachers, parents, friends and other caring persons, In this ever-changing society, it is important for us to learn respect for differences and become more understanding of each other’s life-styles. This book has been written to help children become more accepting of themselves and others. It is not a book just for children, but a reminder for each of us. Ruth Belinsky.


By Ruth Belinsky celebrates the diversity of the American family in a delightful, fully illustrated book. It is the author’s hope that adults will take the time to read this book with the children in their lives and reinforce the idea that what truly matters in a family is that people love and care for one another.

21 pages/ full color illustrations/ soft cover juvenile/ recommended ages 3-10. The Publisher highly recommends this book to be used in teaching situations focusing on tolerance, acceptance and diversity

A Tradition in Story Telling
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