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"A Tradition in Storytelling"

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The author grew up in a small  village in a third world country where cruelty and  injustice were a way of life.  However, he  managed  to get his Master of Arts degree in mathematics, his  Master of  Science degree in engineering and his  Ph.D. in mathematics.  He became a full professor in  a United States University before  beginning to write  fiction under the pen name, S. Adel.   
The Chosen One?

On the eve of the break  out of war between the countries of Aze and Teber, the  Angel Gabriel is commissioned to write  a report on humans  to see if they need a new prophet.  Prince, a  self-absorbed physics professor living in Aze, but  originally from Teber, catches Gabriel's attention.   The unfortunate Prince  questions humankind's destructive  nature as he struggles to come to terms with its troubled  past and the numerous dysfunctional relationships that  surround him

A Tradition in Story Telling
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