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"A Tradition in Storytelling"

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William Joseph Piniarski was born  and resides in Worcester County,  Massachusetts.    He is a technical and  fiction  author, as well as the owner and founder of WEBster Computing Services, a World Wide Web  presence, design and marketing company.  He received  his computer science degree from the University of Hartford, Connecticut where he  graduated magna cum laude. 

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LAUNCHING  ONTO THE WEB: A Small  Business View
The road to establishing a lasting  presence on the World Wide Web is a rocky one.   Traditional business practices do not hold and  new  methods of implementing commercial ideas need to be  established.  However, an entry into World Wide Web  business does not need to be difficult.  With the  proper advanced framework mistakes can  be avoided. 

When one thinks  of internet business many questions come to mind, and a  lot of them aren't pleasant.  Can commerce be   secured and if so will the public be willing to accept  new methods?  Does the current user base of the  internet merit a long-term business presence?  How  does one get noticed on the internet?  Do  legal  rules change when you log on? 

There is a lot  of false or incomplete information floating around out  there, mostly because the World  Wide Web is an evolving  media with unique facets.  What is true is the web  is an ideal place for a small business.  Every  company on the web has the potential to play on level  ground, a fact that  can not be stated about traditional  business.  In fact, in many circumstances small  businesses, or a businesses of one, have the advantage. 

 This book shows  how to get started on the internet as a small business,  or a business of one, from a beginner's viewpoint using  practical and time-tested techniques.  Technical  jargon is avoided  whenever possible to create an ease of  reading. You will be shown step-by-step what to do, and  more importantly what not to do while establishing your  World Wide Web presence, from choosing a web address and   web server provider to making sure the resultant website  gets noticed.  Business topics are key to the  discussion:  how to integrate merchant solutions  into web business, how to make a website usable  for  incoming customers, how to increase customer interest and  what to do if that interest wanes.  Security issues  will be discussed and the world of copyright and  trademark protection will be brought  into the  light.  International and legal situations are  reviewed.  The web was born in the United States but  has grown globally.  As an internet merchant the  concerns of foreign customers, and  their governments,  need to be addressed.  Small business methods of  internet practice are introduced, such as customer  relations, on-line ethics, billing and contractual  policies and office  functionality.  The full  spectrum will be covered in a fun and informative manner.

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A Tradition in Story Telling
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