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"A  Tradition in Storytelling"

 (Currently considering submissions for release in 2003)

Please adhere to these  guidelines for queries and submissions

  • We DO  NOT desire unsolicited manuscripts. Please  call or submit query first.
  • Printed  manuscripts should be submitted on standard 8-1/2  x 11-inch paper. Photocopies are acceptable. Do  NOT send originals or your only copy.
  • All text  should be double-spaced with 1-inch or greater  margins all around. 
  • Use  standard font or typeface throughout, either  Times Roman or Courier 12-point preferred. Do not  insert fancy fonts or formatting. A moderate  amount of italics is acceptable, but do not   boldface, enlarge or try to assist our editors in  setting up for printing, as this will only result  in our spending more time putting the manuscript  into the proper format should we accept your work   for publication. 
  • Left  justify text and use standard 1/2-inch (or  five-space) paragraph indentations. Either one or  two spaces between sentences is acceptable, but  this must be consistent throughout. Do not  insert  extra lines between paragraphs, other than  occasionally to indicate time passage or POV  change. 
  • Headers on  each page should include the author's name, book  title and appropriate page number. Page numbers  at the bottom of the page are also  acceptable. 
  • Title or  cover page should include book title, author's  name, address, telephone number, email address  (if applicable) and approximate word count. 
  • Should you  wish your manuscript returned, please include  sufficient postage. 
  • Electronic  submission of manuscripts is welcomed. If you  prefer to use this method, please include your  manuscript in a single file as an email  attachment. Zipped format is preferred, but not   required. Manuscript files should be submitted in  either MS Word, WordPerfect or as a minimum in  Rich Text Format. 
  • If your  manuscript is not currently in the proper format,  or if you have doubts concerning grammar,  spelling, layout etc., it is recommended that you  have a professional editor correct the  manuscript  prior to submission. For a relatively small fee,  we offer in-house word processing and editing  service, should you desire, but in no way are you  required or expected to use this service.  Should  your book be accepted for publication, we will,  of course, provide normal editorial services in  preparing galley proofs for printing. Your  efforts in putting the manuscript into the best   possible condition before submission will  facilitate our review and possibly increase your  chances that we will consider your work for  publication.

 For  more information please contact us at:
Phone: 540-483-3606
Fax: 540-489-4692 *51

Download Submission Guidelines
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or  email

 Although  unsolicited manuscripts are NOT desired, with your query  you may include up to three sample chapters. In your  cover letter, tell us a little about yourself and your  book, but try to limit this  to one or two pages. If you  desire to contact us after submission, please do so by  email, if possible. We will make every effort to keep you  informed and will respond to your submissions as soon as   possible, normally within 2-3 weeks after receipt. We  endeavor to publish each book within 12 months of  contract date. Unless otherwise specified, all books with  the exception of children's books are  published as Trade  Paperback.

A Tradition in Story Telling
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